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Rabbit Feeders Selection

Tips on Purchasing the Best Rabbit Feeders

The health of your rabbit depends on many factors. Of utmost importance is food. Even if you are capable of providing your bunny with the healthiest foods, you must also ensure the food is served in safe, clean and healthy environment. The best way to ensure this is to use the right rabbit feeder. The main aim of rabbit feeders is to keep the food off the cage floor and keep food from mixing up with waste products of the pet.

Best Tips on Purchasing the Best Rabbit Feeders

The idea is to keep your bunny safe and healthy because he or she will not be predisposed to disease- causing germs and infective organisms present in waste products. Feeders come in different types, sizes, shapes and prices among other factors. The most important thing is the capability of the feeder to hold pellets, hay, food or all of them. So how do you find the best rabbit feeder for your bunny?

How to Choose the Best Rabbit Feeder

Not all rabbit feeders currently available in the market will serve the purpose. You need to find the right feeder that will deliver the best performance and keep your favorite pet safe, healthy and happy. Discussed below are a few of the most important factors you need to consider before you purchase this product.

· Size Of The Feeder

This is arguably the most important consideration. Although rabbits are considered small pets, certain breeds can achieve enormous sizes. Furthermore, rabbits eat frequently and consume a lot. It is therefore important to purchase a rabbit feeder that can hold enough food for your bunny to feed adequately. The most common size of rabbit feeders is roughly 6-8 inches in width and about 4-6 inches in height allowing them to be successfully attached to the side of wire housing unit or cage.

· Your Pet’s Dietary Needs

Just like their human masters, rabbits need balanced diet to grow strong and healthy. The best feeder for your rabbit should be able to supply the different dietary needs of your pet adequately. In other words, it should be a type capable of holding or dispensing different fees such as hay, pellets and/or other foods when needed. Choose one that will take care of your pet’s dietary needs.

· Type of the feeder

Rabbit feeder brands feature basic pellet or hay dispensing types. It is common to come across galvanized steel feeders, those that dispense only hay or pellets and types that dispense predetermined quantities of feeds at a time. You can also choose from removable feeders, tray feeders or auto-filling feeders. The latter type has the advantage of replacing feeds automatically when the feeds are depleted. The bottom line is to determine how many rabbits you will feed and their feeding habits and routines.

· Affordability

These accessories come in different prices depending on the brand, quality, sizes as well as type. They can range in price from $10 to $20. Obviously, high quality rabbit feeders will cost more. However, this does not mean all low-priced types are poor quality. You need to do your research first and compare prices from different online or local pet stores based on your budget.


It is not hard to find the best rabbit feeder if you use the information above. Take your time and do some research. The life of your bunny depends on providing it with the best living conditions including dietary supplies. Be ready to spend to get good quality product. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of certain opportunities such as discount to buy a great pet feeder at affordable prices.